HDBASET splitter

the own tech design for hdbaset splitter firstly in the world, 1 hdbaset input, 2outputs hdbaset, 4channes outputs. supports HDMI,audio, usb, rs-232, GPIO.


HDBASET switcher

2 channels hdbaset signals input, or 4 channels hdbaset signals input.


kvm extender via HDBASET

the first intergrated extenders with input vga, vga audio, hdmi, rs-232,GPIO, IR; output with HDMI ,VGA, aduio and RJ45


KVM swithes

kvm switch with video converters, input VGA, VGA AUDIO, HDMI, USB, RS-232, GPIO, IR; output with HDMI, VGA, AUDIO


多画面图像分割 | 合成处理器


video converters

different video format converter each otherSDI TO HDMI with SDI loop, SDI to DVI with SDI LOOP output, HDMI to VGA; AV to DVI;